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Make a difference and choose the City of Darwin for your next career move!

There are many great reasons to choose us as your next employer and even more reasons to stay once employed. 

Working with us can means you get to not only invest in the community, but you get to see the results of your work.  We operate in changing landscape and a dynamic environment with changing resident demands means we aim to continue to attract agile learners who are eager to pick up new ways of doing business or delivering services.

City of Darwin is major employer in Darwin, with approximately 370 employees across our Services. We offer a variety of employment options be it a long term permanent employment or a short-term limited tenure or casual roles, trainee or graduate placements, a professional role  or a diverse career pathway across or within our service portfolio’s.  No matter what your background, profession or experience, there is a world of opportunity awaiting you in different parts of the business.

Our main office is the Civic Centre on Harry Chan Avenue in Darwin’s City centre, we also have an Operations Centre at Bishop Street in Woolner, four public libraries, three pools and other council facilities.

  • Our Culture and Values

    By 2030 we will be even bigger and better and will be known as a vibrant, creative, innovative, connected, healthy and environmentally responsible city.

  • Great Reasons To Work With Us

    There are many great reasons to choose the City of Darwin as your next employer and even more reasons to stay once employed.

  • Current Vacancies

    There has never been a better time to join our team. See all of our opportunities here and begin your journey with the City of Darwin today.